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Meet the De Maio Law Team

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Law Clerk

Pablo E. Galardy is a bilingual Law Clerk at De Maio Immigration Law firm.  Pablo immigrated from Cuba to South Florida with his family.

Pablo received his first Law degree in Cuba. Pablo then continued his law studies in Miami.  He graduated from the University of Miami, School of Law with a Summa Cum Laude Master's in International Law for Foreign Lawyers. Pablo is currently pursuing his bar license in the state of Wisconsin.

​During his time in law school, Pablo interned for Immigration Clinic, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income immigrants with their immigration needs. He also was a member of the Immigration Law Organization and he attended numerous community events.

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Legal Assistant

Cindy Cristancho is a bilingual Paralegal at  De Maio Immigration Law firm. Cindy is a determined college student who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. Her ultimate goal is to become an immigration attorney and make a difference in the lives of people who are seeking a better life in the United States.

Her passion for this field stems from her Venezuelan American heritage and her parents' experiences as immigrants. In addition to her studies,

Cindy is also an avid fitness enthusiast. She loves to work out and stay active, believing that a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining a balanced life. She enjoys trying new workouts and challenging herself to push beyond her limits.

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Bayley Davis

Marketing Director

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Bayley now resides in South Florida and brings more than ten years of Marketing experience. Her passion is helping businesses be more efficient by integrating a proactive marketing plan that includes clear objectives and goals.

She has spearheaded programs for hundreds of companies, including International Projects in European Market Communications, South America, and the Caribbean. Bayley has a Bachelor's and Associate's Degree in Marketing from Johnson & Wales University.

In 2015 Bayley developed the curriculum for Developing a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign for your Business, currently taught at Miami Dade College. Bayley focuses on consulting with a business by first establishing a strong brand and using that foundation to cultivate a community. She enjoys volunteering, traveling, spending time with loved ones, and always finding ways to help others.

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Finance Manager

Giancarlo is a dedicated bookkeeper and consultant with over seven years of experience, born and raised in Miami, FL to Cuban immigrant parents. Currently residing in Gainesville, FL, Giancarlo is on a mission to help small businesses understand their finances, educate them and empower them to make informed decisions. His ultimate goal is to help business owners reach their goals and seek new opportunities, ensuring they have successful businesses and feel fully supported.


Growing up, Giancarlo witnessed his family working day and night to provide for their loved ones. It was this firsthand experience that instilled in him a passion for supporting small business owners. He understands the challenges and struggles that come with running a business and wants to help owners overcome these obstacles.

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