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What is the U visa?

The U visa allows crime victims who meet certain requirements to remain in the United States so that they can receive a green card and can legally live and work in the United States.

Have you been a victim of a crime that occurred in the United States?

The U Visa, an important legal resource in the United States designed to help victims of certain crimes who have suffered abuse and cooperate with authorities.

Who can qualify for the U visa?

People who have been victims of a crime qualify. Some crimes are: domestic abuse, criminal assault, blackmail, and extortion.An example could be an assault with a gun or knife or a robbery. It is important that you experienced the crime or witnessed the crime.

What are the 3 legal requirements

The U visa forgives the following things

  • Forgives illegal entry and stay

  • Forgive fraud and many other crimes.

Why Choose De Maio Law?

  • Empathy: We understand the sensitive nature of human trafficking cases.

  • Expertise: De Maio Law specializes in T Visa cases, ensuring tailored legal support.

  • Advocacy: Dedicated to protecting the throughout the legal process.

We are here to help you. Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling at 786-232-9120 or by sending a message with WhatsApp. 

Your success is our success.

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