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T Visa

Do you want to get your green card without leaving the U.S? There is a solution. It’s called T visa.

What is the T visa?

The T visa, also known as the human trafficking victim visa, is a type of visa available to people who have been abused and exploited. There are three types of cases:

  1. he has been mistreated at work, for example he was not paid and was paid less than other employees.

  2. he has been mistreated by a coyotes, for example, after arriving in the US, the coyotes forced him to work, take care of the children without paying him.

  3. has been abused by his partner, for example her partner forced you to work together and give all of her money to his or her partner.

Why Choose De Maio Law?

Benefits of the T Visa

  • Live and work legally in the United States. 

  • Receive the green card (residency) and fix your status for you and your family without having to leave the country.

  • Family reunification: T Visa holders may petition for eligible family members.

We are here to help you. Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling at 786-232-9120 or by sending a message with WhatsApp. 


Your success is our success.

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